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The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, and you start in a small fishing village named Quiet Bay, and here your journey starts with the warning of Taurs washing over the wasteland cannibalizing all the villages they come into contact with and you being given the starting quest of warning your village, the story expands from here. Some based on storyline some based on your choices.


The currency in game is "Nuts" (Bolts for screws) There is Gambling in game slot machines, Blackjack Card tables, Dice Gambling with most of the NPCs you meet to take their money through gambling or lose yours.

Items diversity

The items in game are the exact same style as Fallout some simple weapons and armor modified from junk turned into useable weapons and armor others seem to be real Para-military style weapons and armor and help make the game interesting having both.

Combat System

The combat system is Action Points just like old school Fallout style games, but there is a real time option .

Loot and findable Container system

The looting system requires the player to actually scour the map by looking for containers or items hidden on the map and mouse over before they know if the item can be searched or not.

Movement Mechanics

The movement in game is classic point and click to move. You can mouse wheel to zoom way out or way in closer to your character .

Shops and inventory

All inventory including barter on NPCs is reset right now each time you leave the zone and come back can be exploited is not time based. Also reputation helps some with prices buying/selling


Buy Now5.75€ EUR or more

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